Why does every place I go for an eye test give me a different prescription?

I've wore contact lenses for about 5 years and mostly my vision has been fine with them, about 6 months ago though I started having trouble reading text on computer screens (I'm a programmer). So I've been going to my regular optomotrest for the last few months trying to get my vision right, they increased my prescription from L: -1.5 pwr, -0.75 cyl R: -1.5pwr, -0.75 cyl to L: -1.75 pwr, -0.75 cyl R: -1.75pwr, -0.75 cyl this hasent really helped at all, maybe a very small amount my vision reading code on a computer screen is really poor, I'm probably half as productive as it just takes me much longer to focus on text and take it in when I can't scan over it quickly. My ourdoor vision doesn't bother me as it's fairly good I would say but definitly now perfect.

I've since had two more eye tests at different optitions as my old one has told me basically it's the best I'm going to get.

One gave me the following prescription:

L: -2.25 power, no cylinder, R: -2.0 power, -0.75cyl
I tried some contact lenses with this script and my vision was awful, seems like not having any cyl in my left eye made things really blurry. I went to the optomotrest and told him this and this guy was also telling me it's the best im going to get, I asked about my vision being blurry without the astigmatism correction in my left eye and he just said this is the best way to do it, there's no point in trying it with astigmatism corrected as my vision will be worse "trust me, I've been doing this for many years" he said. My left eye was really blurry in these lenses, right was okish but hard to tell as a whole when one side is very blurry.

And the other

L: -1.75 power, -1.5 cyl, R: -2.0, -0.75 cylNot tried these in lenses yet but will have them in a day or two, but I don't have high hopes.

How is it they vary so much? Do you think it's likely I just won't be able to use contact lenses anymore for computer work? I really hate wearing glasses, so I hope I can find a prescriotion that works..

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