Why do I get bad migraines from switching glasses, this sucks because my current glasses broke

I’ve been wearing the same pair of glasses for a while now and stopped using my contact lens. Well, I was wiping my glasses clean and they snapped right in half. No idea why.

So I decided to use my backup cheap glasses from ZenniOptical and it felt like I was looking in a fishbowl and got nauseated. I started getting a weird headache so I took them off and put in my old contact prescription. I left them in and felt a bit weird with my vision but not as fishbowl like as the Zenni glasses and stuck with it. One eye would blur randomly and my eyes would get dry for short periods of time but I ended up with a pretty bad migraine in the crown of my head that is still going on (been about 6 hours now).

I realized I had a pair of TheraSpecs in the same prescription and tried those on and those look fishbowl like as well. Why are these glasses so different looking, the only one I can stand is my prescription sunglasses that have super thick lens. Is it because my eyes aren’t adjusted to all of those other lens? Why is it so different even though the prescription is the same?

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