Where to buy contact lenses right now?

Hi all. Desperately looking for a place where I can order contact lenses right now without a prescription, or if anyone knows of eye doctors still available in Southern California to write me a prescription/get me some.

I’m currently on my last box of daily contact lenses – my annual eye exam is usually in the spring, but I had no idea the coronavirus situation would blow up like this and didn’t think to order more in advance. My prescription hasn’t changed in the last five years or so, but unfortunately I don’t have a copy of it (or any old copies of my prescription), so I can’t reorder using anything online as far as I can see. I’ve called my eye doctor several times but it appears as if the office is closed indefinitely due to covid-19.

I left my glasses in my apartment but 1) they’re an old pair and 2) can’t get to them as I flew home to my parents’ home for the quarantine. If anyone has any insight on what to do or can help me out, please let me know – thanks so much in advance!

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