What was your retinal tear like?

So I'm freaking out because everything I've searched is leading me to believe I have a retinal tear and of course since it's Sunday my optometrist is closed and I can't contact them right now.

About a week ago I started noticing black spots occurring in my vision, frequently, especially in the morning and when looking at anything white or lightly colored. Not noticing any difference in vision, just now these black spots/floaters keep occurring and I've never had this before. Started doing some research today and everything points to a retinal tear, so now I'm worried about a detachment. I'm not even sure how a retinal tear could've occurred, I haven't had any trauma recently.

I'm only 27. I had LASIK about 9 months ago to correct near-sightedness. Didn't have any complications….

Just wondering for those who had a confirmed retinal tear, what symptoms did you have? How did it get fixed? Is a detachment pretty much a sure thing to follow?

Someone help ease my mind until I can contact my Dr and get to an appointment lol

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