What eye testing do I need to ask for?

My old optometrist retired. It was just at Walmart, and they haven't hired a new one. I'm going to call around and find an optometrist that works with my insurance in the next week.

I know I'll have a "comprehensive eye exam" since I am a new patient, but I'm having a few concerns that I've noticed over the last month maybe two that I don't know are attributed to my worsening myopia/astigmatism. Not looking for a diagnosis, just need to know what tests to insist the new optometrist for!

1) can't tell if lights are on or off/where they are coming from. Just noticed the former, I've always had the latter (I can't hear where noises are coming from either lol. I was at my parents today having dinner. They have an open floor plan/combined dining room and living room. The lights of the dining room (right above me) was on but I didn't think the living room lights were on. They were.

2) ceiling lights/lamps never seem bright enough. This one bothers me the most – I have purchased extremely bright bulbs for my house and I still have a hard time seeing. When I do the dishes especially, I always am missing spots because I can't see. (Natural daylight seems to be fine, but I don't do much handy work outside to notice needing light other than driving).

3) depth perception is especially bad at night. Keep running into the door frames. Very annoying. I've never had good depth perception (catch was never my forte as a child) but it just seems so much worse.

4) colours?? I didn't notice this until recently. I still feel like I can see colours perfectly fine but my SO keeps correcting me. I thought his coat was black – it's apparently navy (which is close to black, so easy to get confused) but when he held something black next to it I couldn't tell the difference. They looked the same. We had a discussion about our walls today and I was convinced (still am) that they are beige/tan and he says they're grey with a purple/blue base. He told me the other day I keep undercooking the chicken and it's pink in the middle but it looks all white to me and I saw no pink. It's really driving me up a wall!

Are these concerns covered in an eye exam?

Obviously, I'll bring them up, but a little heads up as to what to ask for would be nice so I'm not going in blind. I know they will do the air puff thing so they can check the structure, I'll have to read the eye line chart as far as I can (and I'll do my best to not guess and be honest), and probably check my peripheral? But I can't think of any exam I've been there where these concerns would be automatically tested.

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