What causes fluctuations in RNFL? Large fluctuation within two years

Hello all

I am a high risk glaucoma suspect and my opthamologist would like to start me on drops.

After tracking down my OCTs from 2 years ago (NOTE: my opth has not seen these yet, I got them done at another place), I couldn't help but notice some alarming changes in my RNFL thickness.

Wondering if anyone here can help! For context, I am a 32F and Caucasian. I have no family history of glaucoma, but my mother is a high risk glaucoma suspect and has been monitored for years. I am also high myope (-7 in both eyes). Pressure (I did the all day monitoring) were highest at 19 and 20, other than that they were always around 16.

RNFL in 2017


S 81


I 105



S 87


I 100

N 38

RNFL in 2019


S 93

T 90

I 96

N 46


S 114

T 94

I 83

N 40

I am wondering how my S & I of OD could change so much in the past two years ? Like they switched almost. Sorry if this is a stupid question. If it helps, the 2017 test was on CIRRUS and the 2019 was on HEIDLEBERG. Is this big change in RNFL cause for concern? So I alert my Opthamologist ASAP?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

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