What are my chances of getting “soft” or “toric” lenses?

Hi all! I'm 32 years old and have worn glasses pretty much my whole life. Long story short, I was born 6 weeks premature to a drug addict mother and she used drugs during my pregnancy. I had a lot of eye surgeries as a child but otherwise have been healthy since. I only use one eye at a time due to eye muscle issues that could not be fixed with surgeries. So I can see out of both eyes—my brain just doesn't match them up together so I pick and choose the one I want to see out of at the time Yes, I'm basically a superhero.

Anyway, in my late teen years, I explored contacts. I have really bad astigmatism so my eye doctor prescribed gas permeable contacts. These worked okay for me in my early to mid 20s but eventually, even after getting new ones after a few years, they started to annoy me. They're just not comfortable. Every year that I went to see my doctor she would just say "there are no new developments" and "gas permeable contacts are best for your eyes" and it was clear she didn't want to help me explore other options.

A year ago I went to a different doctor to explore other options. She had me trying soft contacts but we never got the weight right or whatever to get them to sit perfectly on my eyes. I would put them in and within minutes they'd slightly move and my vision was blurry. I tried 3-4 sample pairs and it was clear she wasn't really going to do what it took to find a match.

I know that I'm getting "older" as in eventually in the next few years, my eyes will change and so will my vision. I'd like to see if there's any way I can get soft or maybe toric lenses at some point before that happens? I gave up completely on GP lenses and have been exclusively wearing contacts for the last 2-3 years.

Am I just not a candidate at all? For reference, this is my "glasses" (not contacts) script from last December. I can try to dig up the contacts ones, too.


OD +2 -5.0 012

OS +0.50 -5.0 174

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