Wavy vision as if I’m looking at a heatwave

Hi all, just wanting some advice about my wavy vision. It's very mild and doesn't blur/distort my vision at all, and I mostly only notice it if I'm looking at something that makes it very obvious (e.g. my bathroom floor, which has a very small polka dot pattern). Because of this, I'm not sure if it's there all the time or if it comes and goes. I've wondered about whether it's a migraine thing but I don't always have a headache when it's there and I definitely never have a migraine type headache, they're always pretty mild (and I put them down to dehydration).

I've got an appointment booked to get it checked out this weekend but I've done some googling and I'm shit scared that I've got a horrible eye disease like keratoconus, so I was hoping for some reassurance. I wear glasses and at my last regular eye test my vision had deteriorated quite a lot so I'm worried that I'm going blind. 🙁

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