Visual Disturbances, Worried About Retinas

I am myopic, around -4 in each eye. Had floaters since age 15 (currently 26). For the last two years I noticed some static incredibly small visual issues, especially when rapidly blinking and observing moving objects. I sometimes had them come up more clearly (around center of my vision) but they disappeared on their own after a few hours, or couple of days.

Last few days have been really stressful and I started seeing a more bright (black) spot in enter vision in the left eye. I waited for 3-4 days but it never resolved. Rest does not help, I wake up, open my eyes and can see the damn thing. It is very small though. I also had weird episodes of flashes of light once in a while, it occured tonight in completely black room with my eyes closed.

I went to ophtalmologist today, had eye pressure, visual acuity tests and dilated retina exam. She said my retinas look fine. Diagnosed me with "classic migraine" because I noticed my visual issues increase along with my headaches. It has been 3 hours since I was discharged. She also has migraines and told me visual symptoms are also tiring her.

Presenting complaint: "Flashes of light: 4/7 hx of black spot in LE with flashes of light". Diagnosis: "Classical migraine" Investigations: Pupil reactions, tonometry, visual acuity, retinal exam

I am just worried something was missed … I seem to have a few spots that I can only see at all on white surface, rapidly blinking, while I got this new one that was bright for a few days.

Am I safe to conclude I need to work on preventing migraines? I was told migraines are triggered by: "hunger, thirst, cold, light, overtired, stress".

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