Strong prescription and frame size/shape

I have strong astigmatism,

R +0.75 -7.00 180

L +1.25 -6.75 180

I bought some glasses about 8 months ago, and was told that because of my astigmatism the bigger the lens, the thicker it would be at the edges, so they recommended these medium-smallish rectangular frames and high index lenses (I think they said it was 1.67, I wasn't really paying attention). My current glasses do have pretty thin lenses, but I'm not too fond of the frame.

My brother has these round ray-bans (lens 50 mm)and I was wondering if I'd be able to put my prescription into it? Would the lens be noticably thick and stick out?

I'll probably bring them into my optometrists next week to check, but I'd like some opinions before I wasted my time.

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