So the subepithelial infiltrates from viral conjunctivitis won’t go away even after putting fluorometholone multiple times over 5 months… What are options I have now?

So I was contracted with viral conjunctivitis in my left eye and since then I have soo much difficulty to see clear from that eye. Vision of my right eye is flaw less, it was too contracted with viral conjunctivitis but comparing to left it was negligible. So I have went to doctor multiple times in over 5 months and what I got is that just again fluorometholone prescribed…. while the fluorometholone dosage is being carried on, the vision gets better… but as it is stopped by the doctor, everything looks as if undone. I feel as if my brain wants me to keep my left eye closed now…. I was told PTK is an option.. is it safe to get that done? How long I can stay without getting PTK done? I want to get it done in like after 3 months, I have soo many school exams to take.

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