Shamir Announces #VisionFIRST to Support Our First Responders Holding the Front Line, Providing Them With Complimentary Prescription Lenses

​America’s healthcare workers and first responders are putting themselves at risk to help the nation defeat COVID-19. Shamir has partnered with participating optical labs to provide complimentary prescription lens designs for safety eyewear or other lens types for written prescriptions by approved eye care professionals.

Press Release updated: Apr 20, 2020 05:00 EDT

Shamir is collaborating with eye care professionals nationwide that prescribe Shamir freeform or digital lenses and have chosen to participate in Shamir’s #VisionFIRST program. #VisionFIRST is Shamir’s vehicle to make it easier for healthcare workers and first responders to keep their vision, first. 

“We are all in this together,” said Raanan Naftalovich, CEO. “The nation will return to normal, but first we need to ensure the safety of our healthcare professionals holding the front line.”  Shamir’s premium lens products are actively used in the optical industry today in the form of safety eyewear or occupational (small task) lenses, progressive or single vision lenses.

#VisionFIRST is expected to contribute thousands of pairs of complimentary prescription eyewear, with Shamir digital designs, to first responders. “Our hope is to collaborate with as many Shamir eye care professionals as possible, increasing the opportunity to provide enhanced vision for those holding the front line,” said Raanan.

Shamir has not placed any restrictions on its designs. “All Shamir digital lens products will be available to our optical laboratory customers so they and the eye care professional will have no constraints in finding a lens that will work for just about every first responder in need of eyewear,” said Raanan. “We are not excluding any designs from #VisionFIRST including our premium progressive lens product Autograph Intelligence.”

Over 20 partnered optical laboratories confirmed participation within minutes of releasing the program. Shamir anticipates up to 100 total optical laboratories nationwide will actively work with eye care professionals across the country, offering first responders the much-needed and crucial safety eyewear, personalized and manufactured specifically for each patient. 

All eye care professionals have a crucial role in interacting with the first responders and ensuring a proper prescription is submitted to a #VisionFIRST optical lab. To locate the nearest Shamir eye care professional, visit   

For more information on lens designs such as Autograph Intelligence in polarized for ambulance drivers, safety eyewear for doctors/nurses, computer/workspace lenses for nurse’s stations using computers, etc., follow #VisionFIRST on Shamir social media sites.

About Shamir Insight, Inc.

Shamir Insight, Inc. (San Diego, California) is a fully owned subsidiary of Shamir Optical Industry, Ltd., an Israel-based company, which is engaged in the development, design and manufacture of premium progressive lenses and molds for the ophthalmic industry. 

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