Refractive Lens Exchange versus Lasik/SMILE

Opthalmologists of reddit, what are your thoughts on doing a Refractive Lens Exchange surgery — as compared to Lasik or SMILE?

My cousin has high myopia (more than 10 diopters). This has really not affected his life in any significant way. However it has always been a dream of his to live free of glasses.

A few questions:

  • How good is Refractive Lens Exchange as compared to Lasik and SMILE?
  • Is it true that we don't have long-term data on the benefits/dangers of SMILE?
  • If they cannot run a 10 year study on SMILE, is the data really any good? In terms of indicating whether there could be complications, serious or otherwise.

As I understand, refractive lens exchange surgery is very similar to a cataract surgery. In fact, almost exactly the same.

The reason RLE makes sense here is that my cousin is a bit on the older side. He is 40+. Even if he doesn't do cataract surgery now, he will have to do it later. This cuts down the number of surgeries down from two to one. This, in my opinion, is huge. Supossing here are complications after a cataract surgery (for example, retinal detachment), then that is two surgeries. Three surgeries on a single eye seems like a lot.

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