Launches Online Community in Eye Care; Aims to Help Optometric Practices Rebound From COVID-19

Press Release updated: Apr 15, 2020 22:59 EDT recently launched its online community for eye care professionals (ECPs), practice managers, and staff during the Southern Council of Optometrists (SECO) meeting held in Atlanta, Georgia, March 4-8. publishes healthcare business and practice management content. It offers complimentary resources and manages a directory of practice growth experts and consultants in order to help practices improve productivity and profitability and build a sustainable, thriving practice.

“We couldn’t anticipate in a million years that we’d launch the site during a global pandemic. Nonetheless, we think that the Practice Growth community is more relevant now than ever as practices need to rebound and rethink their operations and growth strategy,” says Eric Wurtenberg, Vice-President and co-founder.

As a way to support the eye care community, will be offering free “expert” profiles to consultants who specialize in eye care during this pandemic. In addition, practices and experts can access all of the content and connect with consultants for free on the platform.  

“We want to help optometry and ophthalmology get back on its feet. We’re publishing a lot of COVID-19 response content from top ECPs and thought leaders. We’re sharing tips and strategies to get practices ready for this new practice environment,” says Mark Zimmerman, CEO and co-founder.

The site also features patient education materials and content to inspire entrepreneurship in the optometry student and young OD and young MD community.

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Practice Growth is an online community helping doctors, office managers, and staff grow their practice. We provide business content and complimentary resources and manage a directory of practice growth experts and consultants.

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