Possible misdiagnosis on not patching a 5yo

I'm from alberta Canada…if this matters.

I'll try and make this brief. (I have never had glasses and the numbers are confusing so there may be some confusion)

My son (5) has a lazy eye and was patched with glasses under an ophthalmologist orders since he was 4. We switched offices to an optomotrist due to distance. The optomotrist said to stop patching as he did not believe in patching.

Six months later he had a check up and a different optomotrist (same office) couldn't believe we stopped patching and said both eyes got worse so we needed a new rx as well as to immediately start patching again. She said he was near blind in his lazy eye. So we got new glasses as well as a free government program set off frames (I see I learn you get when they are 5)

After recieving the new rx my son complained of burning and pain, we brought him back they said he was just getting used to the rx. As well as that the free pair were cheap and likely causing issues.

We're accepted this and continued but he also complained odd everything being blurry. So we took him back to the original ophthalmologist for a second opinion. She was mad and very critical of the optomotrist taking him off the patch… saying that likely caused the degradation also stated "if a dr doesn't know how to deal with children they should refer rather than guess. " (she works at a children's hospital). She also started the rx was very off by a full point…I don't remember his original rx but his new one is … Od +3.50 +0.25 x 090 Os +1.25 +0.25 x 090

I imagine the wrong rx was od +2.5+.25×090…. but that's a guess.

Now the optomotrist replaced the Glasses for free but he now will be having surgery and be patched at least 6 hrs a day, and we will likely need new rx many more times. The ophthalmologist said the surgery may work… may not… and that he had a 30% chance of requiring surgery again… she puts the blame on the optomotrist.

Does this constitute malpractice, or should the optomotrist be on the hook for future frames/lenses.

Side note: the office was pushy on expensive frames and tried to skirt the free frames… and his original frames dropped two feet splitting in two and they said our wasn't covered… which fine but with everything else coming…. this sounds like im going to be on the hook for thousands in new lenses over his nonbelief in patching.

Thank you for your time.

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