Please help me understand my confusing Rx

Hi everyone,

I've seen 2 different optometrists just over 1 year apart and just received my Rx from both, I'm not sure I understand how they're so different..

First one is (and my current glasses):

Right eye: SPH -1.25 / CYL +0.25 / and next to that it says X 60 (I'm assuming this is the axis?)

Left eye: SPH -1.75 / CYL +1.00 / X 95

Second Rx is:

Right eye: SPH -1.25 / CYL -0.25 / Axis 180

Left eye: SPH -0.50 / CYL -1.25 / Axis 5

How is the CYL +0.25 with one and -0.25 with the other? Has my eyesight just changed, and is that a decent change?

I'm new to this!

Thanks all 🙂

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