Please help me, something weird is going on

I've always had good vision and like to think I still do however I have been experiencing sudden changes in my vision that I will now try and explain.

1) I have always seen some lines around a source of light, especially a bright one. I remember as a kid squinting and making them exaggerate and come down to the edges of my vision. But recently it has been far more exaggerated! Like headlights occupy a large portion of my visual field with rainbow lines exploding out and curving around my eyeball to the edge of my visual field, when they hit eachother (two or more light sources) they create a grid of adding and subtracting color dots very small.


2) The "Starbursts" are largely consistent and are most troublesome with the sun and headlights how ever this next symptom is pretty rare. On some days, especially night time when my eyes seem tired/strained, I will have a very uncomfortable feeling associated with using both of my eyes that I can blink to alter/fix.. sometimes a decently large glob will occupy a portion of my vision in one eye and will move around Everytime I blink, when it is over my pupil, assumably, and I look at light, the light will appear hazey, blurry, and wavey with geometry like circles and curvy concentric lines and colors. I can temporarily blink to move it around in my eye and I can physically feel in my eyelids. It's comparable to the sensation of waking up and having dry blurred vision that is instantly fixed by wetting your eyes and I can temporarily fix and prevent it from happening by smearing liquid over the effected eye. It is worth mentioning that during these times of the smudgey dry eye phenomenon, the star bursts are extra pronounced and have a weird smudge or blur over the light source and it is really hard to see very very far away lights. It's much worse for far away lights

WHAT THE hell is happening to me and WHY is it only happening SOMETIMES?? IM SO WORRIED PLEASE HELP.

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