ophthalmologist vs optometrist

An ophthalmologist gave me a 67 pd, and -3.50 and -3.50 in both eyes, with dilation, which found no abnormalities. The glass he had made for me had everything slightly blurry after 4 yards.

My optometrist prescribed my eyes at 66 pd, and -4.00 and -4.25. My last prescription was three years old, at -4.00 and -4.00 with a 66 pd. He remarked that I could just stick with the old prescription.

I'm wanting to order new glasses but have held off because of this puzzling situation. I'll attempt to ask a family friend also, to see what her advice might be, and give an update.

What do you guys think might be the issue, and what's the best course of action? I can't go see the ophthalmologist again …

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