Non-prescription Color Contacts Can Improve Your Appearance

Non-prescription colored contacts do not correct vision. They are used with the purpose of changing the eye color. Colored contacts are soft and comfortable to wear, however make sure they properly fit your eyes.

Today the assortment of non-prescription color contacts is really great. Such brands as Acuvue 2 Colors, Freshlook and Durasoft Colors tend to be the most widely known. They offer color contacts with both no prescription and corrective lenses. Apart from that, hundreds of other quality no-brand non-prescription color lenses are available. However, experts recommend choosing well-known brands only, so as they guarantee quality materials and comfortable design. On the other hand, no-brand lenses not only can be uncomfortable, but also dangerous. Some of them can be quite toxic. Thus, make sure the contacts you choose are safe for your eyes.

Actually, all non-prescription contacts can be divided into 2 types: opaque and enhancement lenses. If your eyes are light, you can add brightness to them with the help of enhancement lenses. This makes your eyes appear more stunning and interesting. If you want to change completely your natural color, try opaque lenses. As a rule, enhancement lenses are labeled “for light eyes” while opaque ones may say “for dark eyes”.

Contacts can be either one-week disposable or suitable for extended wear. Extended wear colored lenses are sold by the pair whereas disposable ones are often offered in six-packs. In some cases, color lenses can also correct such vision problems as hyperopia, myopia, crossed eyes, presbyopia or astigmatism just like regular contacts.

Are colored contacts safe?

Even if you have no vision problems, you should visit a doctor before buying lenses. In fact, contacts are not a “one size fits all” option. Only a qualified ophthalmologist can measure your eyes. Your doctor will recommend you proper diameter of the lenses that suits the curve of your eye.

Some people prefer not to see the doctor before purchasing contacts. Definitely, it is not a good idea. Surely, if you need stylish contacts for one special occasion, perhaps nothing horrible will happen. However, constant wearing of lenses which are not properly fitted may damage your eyes.

On the other hand, you can check what is offered online before visiting your doctor. Find several brands that suit your budget and offer the right colors. Thus, you can ask the ophthalmologist to recommend contacts from your list, instead of fully rely on his/her judgment.

Today, changing eye color by putting on the contacts is becoming more popular. The most common colors are: blue, brown, green, hazel, purple, gray, aqua, sapphire, turquoise, and some others. You can change the color of your eyes based on mood, makeup, outfit or plans.