New to Glasses and suffering for them

A few months ago I began having vision issues involving blurryness and being unable to focus my eyes, which is fairly strange considering my last eye test had put me as having perfect 20/20 vision with no concerns. Cut to seeing a optometrist, they informed me I had a slightly raised eye and needed glasses to correct it at distance, even though I continually told her my issues were with the short range.

Now that I have these glasses, they do make things clearer if I stare dead into them and don't move my eyes at all, but then I suffer headaches, grogginess and strangely enough I seem less coherent and able to keep a train of thought, not to mention my eyes still unfocus regardless.

I've worn them for an entire day and ended up with a headache an hour in that didnt stop until two days later (even after I removed the glasses at the end of the night) and spent the entire time feeling like garbage.

Is this growing pains to having to wear glasses, or was i misdiagnosed?

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