New and Exciting Times!

Hello fellow /r/optometry members!

In response to your feedback. I have started making the following changes to the subreddit:

New Wiki [In Progress]

I have started working on the wiki. It will be in layman's terms as it will be a reference point for most of the commonly asked questions here. It has been added to the menu bar and divided into subcategories. So far I have "Reading your prescription", which helps users understand what their prescription means. I also have a glossary for common terms. Completing the wiki will be an ongoing process and will take some time. If you find yourself answering a common question that isnt featured, feel free to suggest it in the comments below. I would also be grateful for any volunteers.

Post Flair is now required.

This means that a user must select [General, Memes or Advice]. This is to enable users to filter the subreddit to their desire. It also means that mods can identify where users are asking for advice and to ensure that those that ask for a diagnosis are kicked pointed in the right direction. Any suggestions for flair categories will be welcome in the comments below.

New rule

As well as the Golden rule. We now ask that you be courteous to others.

Golden rule now appears as you create a new post


Thank you to everyone.

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