Mild Myopia/Presbyopia, and Lasik (To do or not to do)

I have mild myopia. I'm about 20/45 in both eyes, one with astigmatism. I'm thinking about getting LASIK, as I find contacts and glasses annoying. However, I'm already 35 years old and worried that getting LASIK will just mean I end up needing reading glasses in 5-10 years, while if I don't get LASIK, I might not — as I've heard that mild myopia actually protects against presbyopia.

I've been frantically google searching to figure out if this is true.

Will my mild myopia diagnosis mean:

  1. I won't need reading glasses ever
  2. I will need reading glasses, but just later than normal

I'm also not sure what I would prefer, having to carry around and wear reading glasses everywhere, or distance glasses! Anyone with experience want to chime in?

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