Looking to change out my (online bought) lenses, and was recommended progressive lenses based on my Rx. Can anyone give me an idea of the benefits and why I’d go with that over single vision lens?

My Rx for more info :

od: -2.50, -1.00, 177, ADD +1 OS: -4.00, -2.00, 008, Add +1

The place I normally get my glasses from was adding the "dynamic lens" ie the add power for eye strain, had a blue light thing which I'm not concerned about having, and was single vision. I get double vision and have for a few years which I'm going to be seeing another specialist about to see if they have ideas on what's the cause. I get eye strain easily as a result. I started a new job in Jan with crappy eye benefits so I ended up going with online glasses and have had them since may. My eyes are getting more and more stained and more double vision. I'm wearing my old pair now because of the strain. I also have a pair of prism that we tried for my double vision but I just use them for close up work, and not even always because I usually forget about them. They do work very well though for the up close. Because my vision doubles both horizontally and vertically, they weren't able to figure out a good prism solution for every day glasses.

One of the women at the location I'm thinking of getting new lenses from suggested the progressive due to the add power. Would it be worth trying out based on needing something for eye strain and double vision, would it improve upon that even more? Without progressive they priced the lenses together at $326 CAD, with progressive at $346 CAD. My regular location quoted 389 for the single vision. Still pricey for either but the other few places I called were even more expensive. I'm not really keen on buying online again (at least for lenses) so…

Any recommendations on whether or not to try out progressives or just stick with single lens?

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