Looking for short quote from Optometrist–will give backlink and promotional coverage

Hi! Can you provide me with a quote for an article I'm writing? It will appear in the upcoming UNUM Vision Care blog. (https://www.unum.com/employees/benefits/vision-insurance)

If so, can you tell me what your favorite free patient-education resources are and why? (ex. your go-to free pamphlets, downloadable handouts, etc.)

You'll get a backlink and it's a decently trafficked corporate blog. Not sure exactly the numbers tho.

If you can just provide me a few lines telling about any free pamphlets, downloadable handouts, or videos you give your patients, that would be amazing!

DM me here with your name and website to link to. If you prefer email, you can reach me at johnpaulnettles@gmail.com.

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