Larger optic nerve in right eye

Just after a bit of advice/reassurance if possible. Went for my regular, 2 yearly, eye exam yesterday, everything was going fine as usual, eye doctor said both eyes are healthy and vision is fine. Towards the end he mentioned that my right eye has a larger optic nerve than my left eye and that it's something that may need to be monitored but sent me for another test for my peripheral vision just for peace of mind. He then looked through my previous eye exams going back over a decade and noted that my right eye optic nerve was larger in all of them but nothing had ever been noted about it. Had my peripheral vision test and had no issues and was allowed to go home with nothing else said. What I'd like to ask is, is this normal? Could the larger optic nerve in my right eye cause issues as I get older (I'm currently 31)?

tl:dr Optometrist noted that my right eye had a larger optic nerve than my left but wasnt too worried. Just after reassurance and advice about possible issues.

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