I’ve taken my cousin to an eye check (strabismus), and have a question.

He is 16 and basically he has esotropia and his left eye os amblyophic (sorry if it's worded wrongly, basically his vision is weak). The problem is when I took him on the test last time the doctor said that that PD is measured exactly when the crossed eye goes towards the nose. The test that I've taken him too recently, the doctor (not the same one) said completely different thing. He said that PD is measured only on the healthy eye that is properly aligned and then that number is doubled and apparently that is the PD for a strabismus affected person.

I hope you understood my problem and can answer me since I think some of the doctors in my country aren't really great at their profession due to the country being time stuck. His parents said that it just me not listening well but it's clear that his PD now is bigger than before so it's not me. Help.

Edit: also his left eye is crossed towards nose a little but when he focuses his sight on the left eye his right eye goes way more towards nose than when he is focused on the healthy eye.

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