Is this eye strain?

About 2 months ago I went for an eye test and they said I did not need glasses and I would pass a driving test no problem. I felt like I was always tired even when I got the correct amount of sleep. At night I sometimes struggle to focus on things more than 10m away, especially when there are lights close to where I'm focusing (Car headlights, streetlamps). Things sometimes become a blur and I cannot focus on them, faces are sometimes blurry when I feel like I should be able to recognise them at this distance. The area around my eyes for the past few months have always been purple/blue dark circles. Towards the end of the day my eyes are usually bloodshot when I look in the mirror. I always try my best to get to bed arounf 10-11pm and sleep for around 7-8 hours usually. On top of this, I have noticed for a while now that my pupils are sometimes abnormally large towards evening time. I understand that in the dark pupils will dilate to let more light in, but sometimes even in well lit rooms my pupils are somewhat dilated.

I started noticing this when I started working fulltime back in June. My work involves a lot of data entry, checking the details. A lot of numbers involved with constant looking from paperwork to computer screen.

I should mention that at night lights really do bother me. Any streetlamps, car headlights ect are producing rays of light that make it a blur and impossible to focus on or near. I can't even read the number of bus driving my way because it is all LED. Am I right in thinking this is something to do with astigmatism.

If someone could give me a quick internet diagnosis of what you think this is from your experience that would be great. I plan on getting this checked, I wasnt sure if I should after just having my eyes tested.

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