Introducing a New Approach to Vision Correction With Dr. Arun Gulani and the Plastique Series

Arun C. Gulani, M.D., M.S., of the Gulani Vision Institute, is an American Board-Certified Eye Surgeon with over 30 years of experience pioneering and innovating vision corrective procedures and teaching and repairing complications of other eye surgeons. He is a highly sought-after consultant to patients, surgeons, and the industry.

Dr. Gulani’s relentless pursuit of custom vision and artistic surgery underscores his dedication to personally study patient diagnostics and measurements, including anatomy, physiology, optics, and vision potential to apply his proprietary laser- and lens-based surgical technologies and techniques (KLEAR™; Full Spectrum Kerato-Lenticulo-Refractive surgeries) using personally derived surgery algorithms (GPS™) along with a “Vision A La Carte” concept to customize surgery while custom tailoring surgery to patients.

This custom-tailored approach of Dr. Gulani for vision is trademarked as a personalized vision; “iVision” and even more appropriately, “GULANiVISION™”. The Gulani Vision Institute is proud to introduce GULANiVISION™ and the Plastique series of surgeries.

Dr. Gulani’s goal is to study the eye’s anatomy, physiology, optics, and visual capacity with the brain. This cancels abnormalities of structures and eye problems through the least interventional surgical approach. 

These “Plastique” series of surgeries pioneered by Dr. Gulani are Trademarked (USPTO) and called Corneoplastique® for the Cornea, LaZrPlastique® Laser Vision Surgery when correcting refractive errors (glasses and contact lens prescriptions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or reading glasses) and LenzOplastique™ when correcting dysfunctional lens or cataracts.

Plastique” is a mindset, a commitment, and a desire to fight for each patient’s best vision potential (BVP).

  • Surgeon Mindset: Having a surgeon mindset is if you have a broken nose, and your surgeon fixes it. That’s the mindset. 
  • Technology Mindset:  A technology mindset brings to mind a Lamborghini.  What if the driver could change their trajectory while driving and go down uncharted terrain? That’s a “Plastique” mindset.
  • Outcomes Mindset: With an outcomes mindset, Dr. Gulani fixes complications of other eye surgeons (or in this analogy, a broken leg). Dr. Gulani looks at how to save a broken leg and how they can run in the Olympics after.
  • Vision Mindset: “Plastique” is not the Artistic height that Dr. Gulani performs surgery, but also his goal.
  • Delivery Mindset: A delivery mindset is Dr. Gulani’s desire to provide patients with the best possible vision. He aims to deliver painless and flawless procedures without stitches or injections or adding to existing vision problems. 

Dr. Gulani personally measures each patient, formulates customized plans, selects the latest technologies, and spends hours studying each eye holistically to come up with his selected approach no matter how simple or complex the patient is. Though there are no guarantees for vision outcomes following surgery, Dr. Gulani’s dedication, empathy, performance, and delivery are legendary. With Plastique, patients can leave their procedures knowing that they will end up with better results.

Arun Gulani, MD

Gulani Vision Institute

Source: Gulani Vision Institute