ICL Removal for Haloing – Overreacting?

TL/DR: Got ICL. Terrible halos. Scheduled removal but questioning decision. Rest of story below.

So I got ICL a little under a year ago (March 2019). After wearing glasses and contacts since I was a kid it was amazing. I was seeing great. Sometimes scoring 20/15 but usually 20/20.

Then night time came and with it the Halos. I had seen images on pictures in the doctors office of what they might look like and thought I was prepared. I was not. The halos in pictures appeared very tiny around points of lights. Mine were huge. Picture the tail light of a car, now imagine a halo with the radius of half the back of the car. Now draw that around every point of light.

I immediately freaked out, I couldn’t drive this way. The Halos obscured lane lines (we don’t have reflectors in my state) and pedestrians wearing dark clothes. I didn’t feel safe to drive. I thought about how i would even safely fly at night (hobbies not career thankfully)

I brought the concern up and it was always the same answer. Give it time it will diminish Eventually when it seemed like the symptoms weren’t changing I was given alphagan to counteract the symptoms.

This felt like contacts but worse. I had to remember to carry this tiny bottle around, it took 30 minutes to take affect, and it cost the same as a half year of contacts but only lasted a month. It was winter which meant dark driving to and from work.

I didn’t really have problems with contacts, in fact they were so comfortable I would sometimes forget to remove them. But they were occasionally an annoyance. If I rubbed my eyes wrong and lost one that sucked. Plus I didn’t see nearly as well as with ICL.

Still it felt like I had just traded slightly poorer vision and a small inconvenience for this massive quality of life hit at a cost of 8k.

11 months later and I have a removal scheduled Monday and I find myself extremely anxious and wondering if I’m making a good call.

I will be the first patient the doctor has ever had in his career to have them removed for symptoms. We’ve had bright sunny days where my ICL shines which has just made me feel down. Every forum post I find people seem fine with the trade off. I worry that I’ll put my contacts back in in a couple weeks and instantly regret not just giving it more time.

I think about how the glare in the office lighting conditions is bearable and where I spend the majority of my time.

I wonder if contacts will even be as comfortable as they were before or if multiple surgeries will have left me with an inability to wear them.

Basically I keep wondering if I’ve just been overreacting this whole time.

Is there anyone out there like me? Or a doctor who has had a patient like me? Am I overreacting to the symptoms and should continue to give it more time?

Sigh… I really like my day vision… just wish it was my always vision.

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