I feel like I see better without my new glasses… wtf? Please help!

I had my first eye exam since high school 2 weeks ago. In high school, I was prescribed glasses despite the fact that I have 20/20 vision in both eyes. It's for a small focusing problem. I never wore the glasses, because I felt like I could see better without them.

Same thing happened this time. I feel like the focusing issue has gotten slightly worse. (I'm 28 years old.) I've also developed a slight sensitivity to light, which gets worse when I have migraines. But my vision is still great.

I picked up my glasses last weekend, and I just CANNOT get used to them. The anti-glare effect they have helps a bit. But there's this fish-eye effect I can't get used to. It gives me a headache. Every time I'm walking along and look through the glasses at the ground as I'm walking, it makes me dizzy. I can't tell a difference in the way my eyes are able to focus. And I can't get used to the effect of looking through glass. Like, compare looking out a window and actually standing outside. You will always see better if you're actually outside, no matter how clean the glass is. That is the effect I'm dealing with and it throws me off. I feel like I see better without them.

I have a creative job, so I need my eyesight and I don't have time to be wasting messing around with glasses that don't help. And I get enough headaches without having glasses that cause more headaches.

I don't know if my expectations are way off here, or if I truly wasted like $700 on something that isn't going to help me.

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