How risky is it to stock up on an extra year of contacts before prescription expires?

My dad did this so we could just get an exam every other year, instead of every year. I realize that it is healthier and safer to get my eyes checked regularly, and to make sure that there are no issues between my eyes and the contacts (fitting issues that can damage my cornea, etc.) but my Dad makes the decisions around here. Luckily, four years from now I will graduate from college and start making better money for me and my family, so this fuckery won't be going on indefinitely either.

I've done some general reading about why contacts prescriptions usually only last a year, and I understand why it is like this. But, I also see that at least 8 states here in the US allow prescriptions to last 2 years, so surely just extending it one more year couldn't be that bad, right? (Unless these are really shitty laws.) I also would be observing proper hygiene, and we wouldn't be buying more than another year's worth.

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