How common is a recurrent subconjunctival haemorrhage?

I'm not asking for a diagnosis. However, I would appreciate some advice on how to deal with this. For the last 6 months or so I've had recurrent (though minor bleeding) in both my left and right eyes. Blood vessels are visible 24/7 in a way they didn't used to be and every other day there will be a few diffuse looking spots of blood in one or both of the eyes. Not big, and often not very bright red or potent, but definitely there. Vision also became slightly blurred in left eye and went through a stage of excruciating pain and feeling of pressure behind it though this has now softened/passed. I saw an eye doctor about this about a month ago and she said she could see nothing wrong. I have also been for a couple of Specsavers eye tests and they also saw nothing abnormal. Is this intermittent bleeding and mildly red eyes that I'm having normal? Is it something to be concerned about? And is it worth trying to see another doctor and get a second opinion? Thanks

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