Hazy blurry vision after using contacts stored in eye drops in place of contact solution

I was in a pinch and didn’t have contact solution on me so I stored my contacts in eye drops overnight for a total of 24 hours. I eventually took the contacts out of the eye drops (they looked fine/still moist), rinsed them with contact solution, and stored them in contact solution for another 24 hours.

Today was my first day wearing this pair of contacts again and towards the end of the day I noticed my eyes were super irritated and my vision was really hazy as if there is smoke in the air. Driving home at night all the street lights had somewhat of a halo effect. I took my contacts out and threw them away and my vision still didn’t normalize after a few minutes. I tried irrigating my eyes for a few minutes with normal saline and my vision is still really hazy and almost milky?

Any advice on next steps? Will my vision normalize with a few hours of waiting or should I be more concerned? Any input is appreciated!

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