Got diagnosed with dry eye syndrome two weeks ago, still adjusting

Hi! So, two weeks (and half) ago, during a very stressful time of my life (lots of hospital trip for someone I care about…) I went for a check-up because it had been a while and I noticed that my eyes were not doing well. Turn out I have dry eye syndrom (I think it's how you call it? French speaker here). I had been in pain for a while, and my eyes were really not looking well (blood vessels permanently visible in ugly patterns and such—).

I'm glad that I went, obviously. Even if I have a terrible eye injury phobia (didn't even cry for once) I have eye drops (morning-evening) and artificial tears (no preservatives, three times per day). And I've been trying to adjust my life around that. Always wearing sunglasses outside, avoiding wind (anyway we are quarantined now so) and better habits in general. However, learning that it's probably chronic and I'll have it all my life due to my anxiety medication is rough.

This morning, I woke up with slightly blurry vision on one side for like 3 minutes and panicked before reminding myself that yeah it definitely happened before (struggling to focus) and I only started treatment twelve days ago so no miracle here. My eyes have good and bad days. Due to my anxiety disorder I check them all the time in a compulsive way and my therapist has advised me to find ways to distract myself from that.

I wanted to post here to… Hear testimonies from other people, perhaps? Like how long did it take you to get used to the diagnosis? What really made a difference? I'll take another appointment in two months because my doctor has closed her business during covid right now, we didn't really have time to go in depth about the situation so I mostly read stuff online.

Thanks for reading, have a pleasant day.

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