Glasses for really mild prescription?

Hello everyone,

I just did my eye exam today and at the end of it, my doctor said that my prescription for my glasses are completely optional.

Here is what the prescription says:

OD: +0.25 (Sphere)

OS: +0.50 (Sphere), -0.25 (Cyl), 015 (Axis)

My doctor told me it's not really needed, but I want to know what the benefits would be. She let me try both lenses, but to be honest I couldn't see tell the difference because I had those dilating eye drops and my vision was already getting blurry.

If I were to get them, would it be okay to wear them all the time? I'm always on a computer/device for school and work for extended periods of time, and I feel like the bluelight filters aren't doing enough. I'm also wondering if getting them with UV protection would be good for the sun.

Side note: I'm not sure if it's a psychological thing or not, but I find that when I use a computer with glasses on (gaming ones), I feel that it's a bit easier to maintain my focus with what I'm reading. Without them, after reading for about 10 minutes, it just gets too difficult and it becomes hard to continue and I end up not absorbing the information. I'm not sure if there's any correlation with glasses helping ADHD or not, but it slipped my mind to ask my doctor.

Please help me decide whether or it's worth getting or not.

Thank you!

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