final update on horner’s syndrome+ (probably)

in response to this chain of updates

to anyone that has actually been reading these: thank you! and i hope i haven’t bored you too much

in my last post i talked about finally finding what was causing my horner’s… it was a tumor.

since then i was scheduled for surgery, which is still happening march 4th. i was told it was much more likely to be benign than malignant. this makes sense to me since i’m 19, and i have zero risk factors for cancer of any kind.

they wanted to get it biopsied before surgery just to be safe. They biopsied the neck mass that was initially found on the MRI as well as the thyroid nodules that were found on the ultrasound. i got a call from my doctor a couple days ago and she told me both the mass and the nodules came back as papillary thyroid cancer.

After she explained some things, i’m not really that scared anymore. thyroid cancer is extremely treatable and i likely won’t need chemotherapy of any kind. I may need a radioactive iodine treatment but that doesn’t sound awful. Still, my surgery has been updated from being a simple removal of a mass to now being a removal of both sides of my thyroid and some of my lymph nodes (as well as the initial mass). So, that’s fun.

I’m extremely grateful that it was found now, as opposed to later. I would not have found out I had thyroid cancer had the people on this sub not warned me of my horner’s syndrome. So, thank you guys! You saved my life.

much love.

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