Eyes only hurt when using computer and going outside (for 2 months already)

Recently (about 2 months), my eyes having this weird symptom when it starting to hurt after 10 minutes after using computer (or traveling by motorbike, even when I sit at the back). This is not happening when I use iPhone, iPad or doing anything else.

I visited 2 hospitals and one said there's nothing wrong with my eyes and one said that I'm having super light conjunctivitis. After using their medicine my eyes did get a little better but never fully cured, somehow the medicine for conjunctivitis works better because there's a night I can work up to 7 hours (it still hurts, of course, but I can stay longer before it starting to hurt – about an hour). But it got worse again the next day.

I tried the method 20-20-20 but it's not working at all. My normal way to reduce the pain is by using hot compresses with a wet towel. I never tried cold compress, though. Anyway, thinking that overworked maybe the cause, I tried to take a break from my computer work for a week but it hurts again right after I came back. I just visited my first hospital (the one said that nothing wrong with my eyes) yesterday and did many examinations and checking but the result is still the same so they only give me more supplements and artificial teardrops.

Now I'm not sure what is happening to me and how to fully cure this, I don't think this is simply overworking (because it starting to hurt like only 30 minutes after several days resting). I'm a digital game artist and this condition affects my job and career badly (I'm supposed to work at least 40hr/week on the computer), at the same time I cannot quit because I'm the main worker in my family.

P/S: I'm actually on a long trip come back to my home country (I was living in another country for 3 years), my eyes starting to hurt in the second week so I'm wondering if environment or allergy might be the cause. I planned to move back to my home country permanently later this year so if this really the reason, it's meant big trouble for me,

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