EyecareLive Launches Innovative Coaching Service to Help Contact Lens Wearers

Press Release updated: Feb 3, 2021 09:00 EST

EyecareLive announces the first “Contact Lens Training” service which will connect struggling contact lens wearers to a certified coach for personalized, one-on-one virtual assistance. The experienced technician can guide wearers on how to insert, remove, care for, and maintain contact lenses through a video consultation.

“Not everyone can master getting a contact lens in and out on the first, second or third attempt. Private coaching at home may be exactly what some patients need to successfully become a confident contact lens wearer,” says Danita Turpin, OD, provider participating in the pilot program.

According to the CDC, an estimated 45 million people in the United States wear contact lenses but it is not always a simple transition. In fact, studies show that 26% of first-time contact wearers give up in the first year and, of those, 75% drop off within the first two months. However, with the proper support, 74% of those who “drop out” of lenses can resume wearing them.

“At EyecareLive, we are continuously exploring new ways to make eye care more accessible for the patient and to ease the increasing workload for the provider,” says Raj Ramchandani, CEO of EyecareLive. “This service is a resource for both contact lens wearers and eye doctors; the wearer can find the help they need to be successful with lenses and the doctor is able to direct patients that need additional assistance to an experienced coach and, in turn, reduce dropouts.”  

“This service is a great addition to what’s being offered through telemedicine. I am extremely excited to promote this feature in my practice. My patients will have the ability to get instruction from a licensed contact lens technician and it will also free up time for me to complete more exams,” says Roopal Rammohan, OD, provider participating in the pilot program.

EyecareLive is piloting the service with 10 eye care providers across the country. These providers will direct patients who need support after their in-office training to utilize EyecareLive’s contact lens service. The pilot program will help measure the reduction in patient dropouts because of the service. For eye care providers who are interested in the opportunity to participate, please contact Info@EycareLive.com.

The Contact Lens Training service is now available to all wearers and can be accessed by visiting EyecareLive.com/contactlens. There is no insurance needed and no hidden charges. The cost is $59. However, first-time users can use code “contact” for a reduced rate of $29.

Source: EyecareLive