Essilor Vision Foundation Encourages Everyone to Vote for Vision

Press Release updated: Jan 13, 2020 09:00 CST

2020 is not just an election year, it’s also the year of vision. Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF) believes all kids can be winners with clear vision and is kicking off this special year by launching its Vote for Vision campaign.

Vote for Vision encourages people to prioritize their children’s vision and to donate to the foundation so children in underserved communities around the country can receive critical vision care. 

The year of vision

To most people, 2020 is just another year. But for the vision industry, 2020 is the year of vision — a year when everyone should make their eye health a priority and be advocates for the estimated 12 million kids in America with a vision impairment. It is estimated that half of those 12 million kids are not getting the care they need due to the barriers of awareness, access and affordability of vision services. You can help a child receive life-changing vision care by Voting for Vision in 2020.

Donate once, make twice the impact

You can Vote for Vision by making a donation to help someone in need receive an eye exam and glasses. This year, thanks to a generous matching grant, every donation made by an individual will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $100,000. That means you can make twice the impact and help two children receive a vision exam and glasses for a life-changing donation of $50. During the Vote for Vision campaign, anyone who donates $25 or more will receive a Vote for Vision t-shirt.

Thanks to donors’ support, no child or their family ever receives a bill for vision care from Essilor Vision Foundation. And who knows? One of the children you support today might be the president of tomorrow. Help make a difference in a kid’s life by providing them the foundation for a great future.

Vote for Vision

Here is why everyone should Vote for Vision:

  • Vision impairment is an invisible problem because unlike hunger or tooth decay, children often do not know they cannot see clearly. To them, blurry eyesight is normal.​
  • One in four schoolchildren has a vision impairment significant enough to impact their ability to learn, yet half of these children are facing barriers that prevent them from receiving the vision care they need.
  • Research finds 53% of children of families living in poverty in the U.S. have uncorrected vision problems that interfere with reading, writing, and classroom learning. 

Vision impacts every aspect of a child’s life from learning, confidence and social interactions to participating in activities such as sports, art and music. The good news is 80 percent of all vision impairments can be treated or cured, often with a pair of eyeglasses. 

EVF President Becky Palm supports Vote for Vision

“Vision is an issue everyone can support, but many people do not know that millions in this country face obstacles when it comes to getting vision care,” Palm explains. “With Vote for Vision, people in the United States can make a pledge to give kids in this country the head start they deserve. Your donation can make vision count twice!”

This year promises to be significant for EVF, as the foundation is on track to provide two million pairs of glasses. The Vote for Vision campaign will help EVF achieve this goal even faster. Essilor Vision Foundation is committed to helping every child have a better life through better sight, because everyone deserves to see clearly. Visit to Vote for Vision.  

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About Essilor Vision Foundation

We strive to give children a brighter future by helping them see the world more clearly. Since 2007, Essilor Vision Foundation has provided more than one million pairs of eyeglasses to individuals in need. Essilor Vision Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public, non-profit organization committed to eliminating poor vision and its lifelong consequences. To learn more, visit

Source: Essilor Vision Foundation