Did my optometrist forgot to put my Axis value?

Went to costco to get a eye exam today.I noticed for OD, she wrote values for SPH and CYL, but the AXIS value was blank box.but for the OS, SPH, CYL, and AXIS each had a value.Did my optometrist forget to write AXIS?

On eyebuydirect, one of their blog posts says:

If you do not have astigmatism and do not have a cylinder power on your prescription slip, you will not have an axis number, either.

"do NOT have astigmatism AND DO NOT have a cylinder power"

but my OD has a CYL value… but the AXIS is blank…

Any optometrist here know of or perhaps fellow glasses wearer ever had a prescription with the same format as I do where SPH and CYL is provided, but AXIS is blank?

Thank you.

[Solved!] Turns out I misread my CYL (thinking it was a number). My CYL shows DS. xD… Internet search results says if DS, then I don't have astigmatism. I thought the writing was 0.5 because handwriting didn't have decimal places….

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