Daily vs. Bi-Weekly Contacts – Napping & Daily Usage

Hey all –

I've worn Acuvue Oasys bi-weekly contacts consistently for the last 12-15 years with no major issues. I've been very happy with them. However, I recently moved and started seeing a new optometrist. They recommended shifting to daily contacts for the convenience factor, so I've been trialing the Acuvue Oasys w/ HydraLuxe 1-Day contacts.

This optometrist isn't the most thoughtful at answering a few questions that I have regarding considerations between daily and bi-weekly contacts. I'd love any perspectives on the following:

  1. Napping – Are daily contacts any better or worse for my eyes for napping vs. bi-weekly contacts? I never sleep overnight in my contacts overnight, but I'm guilty of taking the occasional nap, falling asleep on flights, or dozing off on the couch before bed.
  2. Daily Usage – Is the recommended daily usage for daily contacts any different than bi-weekly contacts? I wear contacts every day, and I typically wear them from 14-16 hours. I'll switch to glasses very occasionally when my eyes get dry, but otherwise I've had no issues with bi-weekly contacts with this usage pattern. Should I expect to get the same daily performance for daily contacts, or is there any reason I might consider sticking with bi-weekly?

I like these new daily contacts from a convenience factor, but I'm trying to understand if there is anything worth considering given my usage patterns. I'm hesitant to make a change since I've worn bi-weekly contacts so long without issues.


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