DAC International Posts Strong 2021 Sales

2021 is already one of the most successful years in DAC’s history.  This is a result of increased sales and revenues from both new and existing customers around the globe, and embarking upon the launch of new product features and services. 

DAC remains committed to being a name the industry relies upon and trusts. Key to accomplishing its mission is a focus on providing expertise and experience to support its customers’ success. The company strives to meet these aims by investing in its people, infrastructure, partnerships and supply chain.

The strong 2021 results reflect DAC’s commitment and dedicated efforts to be flexible and adaptive in its manufacturing methods and product support strategies in the face of current pandemic challenges.

DAC is actively innovating and finding the best ways available to support its customers and their success both during the pandemic and beyond. DAC will continue to innovate and adapt not only to meet the needs of our industry today, but also to contribute in building the industry’s future.

DAC International manufactures, distributes and supports high quality contact lens and IOL production and surfacing equipment.

For more information contact:


Chris Pantle, Director of Sales, the Americas and the Pacific Rim
Tel / Fax: +1 (918) 686-0442     Mobile Tel: +1 (918) 869-0544
Email: cpantle@dac-intl.com

Kurtis Brown, Director of Sales, EMEA (Europe, Russia, Middle-East, Africa, China and India)
Tel / Mobile: +1 (805) 745-1628
Email: kbrown@dac-intl.com

Source: DAC International