Colored Eye Contacts: Enjoy the Spectrum of Color Illusions

An eye contact lens, or just contact, is a lens placed on the eye. The lens itself has undergone a long way of continuous advancement, and today, being a medical device, it can be worn primarily to correct vision, or simply for therapeutic or cosmetic reasons. Due to such advancements people have the possibility of choosing a normal contact lens, leave alone colored eye contacts, which, being very trendy and convenient at the same time, promise not only a sense of style, but a sense of release as well.

Contact Lenses: Classification & Wearing Reasons

Eyes contact lenses are typically classified in relation to the following manners:

  • primary function:
  1. corrective contact lenses (improve vision by correcting refractive error);
  2. cosmetic contact lenses (change the eye appearance and correct refractive error as well);
  3. therapeutic contact lenses (non-refractive disorders treatment & management: dry eyes, corneal abrasions/erosion, keratitis, corneal edema etc.);
  • material:
  1. rigid lenses (gas permeable);
  2. soft lenses (hydrogel based);
  3. hybrid lenses (rigid center & a soft ‘skirt’);
  • wear schedule:
  1. daily wear (DW);
  2. extended wear (EW);
  3. continuous wear (CW):
  • replacement schedule:
  1. single use lenses;
  2. repeated use lenses;
  3. quarterly/annual lenses.

What concerns contact lenses wearing reasons, the people’s choice here depends primarily on their preferences or necessities. Reasons for this may be different:

  • aesthetics (motivating factor for avoiding wearing glasses);
  • cosmetics (motivating factor for changing the eyes appearance);v
  • visuals:
  1. provide better peripheral vision;
  2. ideal for outdoor activities;
  3. do not collect moisture (condensation, snow, rain, or sweat).

Colored Eye Contacts as Fashionable Medical Devices: Pros & Cons

Nowadays, people enjoy a huge range of popular colour lenses, also called fashion lenses, for cosmetic use. Whether you would like to transform your style, make your look more dramatic, enhance your eye colour, spook your friends on Halloween or just change your natural eye colour with colored eye contacts, any type of product is at your service.

These specially designed colored contact lenses may be of different colours, thus being able to meet even the most exquisite tastes of today’s customers. The most popular colours for contact lenses are: black, aqua, brown, purple, gold, red, grey, hazel, green, orange, pink, yellow, silver, violet, white, blue, and others.

These colour contact lenses, which give a realistic natural look, make a stunning fashion accessory for any occasion, outfit or night out. So, choose the colour that suits you best, or experiment with a huge spectrum of colored lenses, thus experiencing the world full of colour illusions!