Causes of flashing lights

Hello r/optometry! I had an overall eye perception conversation with my retinal specialist today and we were talking about why a person would develop a flashing, strobing light visualization in one or both eyes. I have an ongoing macular edema in my right eye, and though we had seemed to have healed it months ago it has returned, prompting my first noticable symptom to be a flashing, strobing light visualization. C'est la vie. My condition is not the point of this post.

My main question is about optical biochemistry and perseption; could one of the reasons people experience flashing lights in their vision(in my case it was flashes back and forth between red/silver/black) be the eyes photoreceptors detecting the light passing through the blood that has leaked out from the edema? Red when it passes through rbc's, siliver when it glints off of the iron-porphyrin ring in the heme, and black when the receptor becomes too occluded for any light penetration?

My retina specialist said he wasn't sure and I'm honestly just curious if this is the case with visual recognition, or if the scientific community doesn't know, or what? I recently graduated with a BS in Biochem, and for probably obvious reasons I've become fascinated with eye physiology. In this same vein, are there any books you could recommend for someone of a moderate biology background(but no Anatomy or Physiology) to have them more thoroughly educated on ocular mechanics/biochemistry? Thanks!

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