Can wearing glasses increase eye degeneration?

I will try to keep this as short as I can.

At birth, I was born with a lazy eye but more than that was I could only see with about a quarter of my vision in the left eye. Opticians had me wearing glasses and an eye patch over my right eye for a good portion of my youth but kids being kids, didn't want to wear the patch so it never really managed to help. A few years later I did the same with my glasses.

At 14 an optician told me that because I hadn't been wearing my glasses, my right eye had become very strong and was dominant. If I close the left, it makes extremely little difference, I can only see blurred silhouettes if both eyes are open. While my right worked extra hard and would occasionally cause headaches, so glasses could be helpful there.

Now, to the crux of it. 3 months ago I began getting headaches, that is normally the time I do wear my glasses. I had them for a month while my body adjusted to some unrelated medication, but now my eyes are struggling to see as they used to, ONLY 3 months ago. At first it was just an occasional moment I needed to pop my glasses back on but now it's more and more.

I've been to an optician over this issue and had scans performed (gave an X-ray looking printout, that shows like "layers" of my eye) in my eye which revealed nothing.

What I wanted to know is; Is an eye similar to muscles, insofar as that if you allow any other part of your body to rely on a crutch, it becomes dependent on it and almost atrophies? Is wearing my glasses causing my eyes to need them?

I hope this isn't in violation of rule 1, I will remove it if so. Seems more a generalist question than that. Thank-you for any help offered.

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