Blind spots near centre of vision but nothing abnormal on retinal scan (26M)

Hey there, I've got an oval shaped blind spot in my left eye about 45º south west of the centre of my vision, taking up about 16 squares of an amsler chart starting 3 squares away from the black dot, the length of the oval pointing towards the bottom left corner, when I hold it about 50 cm away from my face.

I have had this blind spot for maybe 8-9 years now, and it's grown since I first noticed it, but it stopped growing 5 years ago or so. there are two other, smaller blind spots that have also arisen since I noticed the first, only in my left eye, that have the same shape as the first; an elongated oval a small distance from the centre of my vision, radiating outwards. the second largest after the first points about 30º upwards from the left, and the smallest is oriented perfectly upwards. Again, these have not grown in the past 5 years or so.

I've had retinal scans each time I've seen an optometrist/opthamologist and there are no abnormalities in the macula or the nerve head. I have perfect vision otherwise except for small central opacities in the lens of both eyes. No glaucoma or diabetes or family history of such. When I say 'blind spot', I mean specifically an area in my field of vision where there is a sort of blank space which gets filled in by the details from the visual field around it, which I don't notice unless I'm looking only through my left eye at something with fine detail like text or a pattern, and not a black dot or anything like that.

No eye doctor I've seen has been able to give me an explanation for what might be the cause of these blind spots. I've looked into all the various conditions that can cause blind spots but I couldn't find anything that matches these specific symptoms. I'm not looking for a diagnosis because 1) it doesn't bother me all that much in every day life and 2) it wouldn't be actionable anyway unless it was the result of an appointment with an actual eye doctor.

I'm just really curious as to what could possibly cause blind spots in one eye specifically, in this particular pattern, without leaving any trace on the retina. If anyone has any ideas I'd be really interested to hear them.

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