Almost every time I put my contacts in the morning some speck gets in there!

I'm new at contacts. My eyes got used to it, I can put them in no time – except that they seem to catch dirt every time I'm about to put them. Or even worse, after I put them I have to take off at least one (feeling like a sand dust in my eye) and flush again. I use monthlies, being in the middle of their 30 days usage.

When I take them from the solution they been overnight, they seem to have tiny dots and tiny-tiny dust particles. I use saline to flush them thoroughly before putting them on. But they STILL catch something while putting them on.

I follow ALL procedures – cleaning my hands thoroughly before each use, use all steps in cleaning, flushing, etc.

Any tips? Am I expecting too much? How much of "specks" is good enough? Should I worry only about the inside of the lens (with logic being that tears in the eyes will wipe the other side clean?).

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