Advice (more like encouragement) for going off Ortho-K?

This'll probably sound like a rant, but I'm in a bind regarding whether or not to discontinue Ortho-K treatment and would love some feedback. I guess this is more of a lifestyle than medical question, if you or your patients have also discontinued and could provide some additional insight. I've been an Ortho-K user since 11, now 27. My old lenses are 2 years old and require replacement, so I have to decide now. Here are the factors:

  1. I'm currently working abroad in the EU – continuing Ortho-K would entail either going to my US optometrist (with no chance of refits or followups, and being SOL if an emergency occurs abroad) or going to an EU practice (and possibly having to restart the entire procedure, since my US optometrist seems unwilling to share my patient history…unless that's not necessary?)
  2. Costs, given my current stable but slim financial situation (parents had covered for me until now)
  3. Besides swimming, I'm not an athlete or someone who really needs the advantage of no-wear during daytime.
  4. Even with Ortho-K my left eye was never fully corrected despite several refits. (hopefully soft contacts don't have this issue?)

Aaand despite this list of reasons to discontinue I'm simply afraid of the withdrawal process – having to order several glasses for the imminent deteriorating vision (soft contacts can only be worn 8 hrs) – and having to feel the vision slip away. Anyway, yeah… If you have any feedback to this or words of encouragement it would be really helpful, especially details about the transition period.

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